Our mission is to promote collaborative efforts in design, art, and fashion, viewing these as a unified lifestyle rather than as three disparate and independent entities. We offer a unique branding concept for your products and services, going far beyond the creative capacities of most advertising agencies. Our focus is on marketing with soul, as the heart of merchandising and branding today is about presenting a truly novel and special experience for the consumer. PHABRIK art+design is well-poised to offer this through our vast and ever-expanding creative network, which taps into the synchronicity of a globalized planet. As such, our mission has both global and local intentions. We seek to work locally in smaller marketplaces to attune ourselves with their environments and needs, and through these experiences to assist our clients in expanding globally – and connecting the part to the whole. The goal is always to create a positive brand, and to develop a product or concept that affects the fabric of society. It is our philosophy that a positive creative force will create ripple effects, and thus we work with both young and well-established artists and designers, opening up opportunities for growth, expansion, and learning experiences. The talent that we employ always takes our philosophy to heart, devoting their energy to projects that feature products and services worth proliferating. Opportunities for recruitment always abound, as PHABRIK art+design is an ever-expanding network looking both to represent and to work with talent around the planet.


Sandra Sing Fernandes
PHABRIK art+design
Email: sandra@phabrik.ca
Skype: phabrikmagazine