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PHABRIK art+design is a shopping destination where you can find unique furniture, art décor items or have your dream pieces created to your specifications. Discover our wide range of interesting items from home décor to fashion.

Our mission is twofold, encompassing the preservation and growth of local crafts, tradesmen and artists as well as the development of products with a local/global vision for export.

HOME INTERIOR DESIGN Services and Products
Make your Lifestyle Dreams come true within your Budget

We recognize that dialogue and active listening are critical components of any
transformative project; it is dialogue that takes place with the space and
the materials, as well as with the clients and collaborators, in order to ensure that the client’s vision and self-expression is always paramount – while remaining conscious of budget and sustainability, which need not limit creativity.

. Shopping- Furniture, Art, Appliances, House wares as well as soft goods
. Creating a Design Theme or concept- Color Palette, Room Arrangement, Space planning,
. Lighting, Ambience, Decorative Painting or Wall Paper
. Creating original furniture and art for project (if required)

COMMERCIAL DESIGN Services and Products

The goal is always to create a positive brand, embracing the idea of mixing work with passion, passion with innovation and innovation with advancement. To develop a concept that sparks the imagination of your cliental and keeps them engaged.

. Concept and Design
. Interior Architecture and Design
. Exterior Architecture and Design
. Products and material
. Sourcing (global sources)
. Original Furniture (if required)
. Artwork
. Objectsd’art
. Restaurants, Bars, Shops, Clubs, Hotels

Creative Director- Sandra Sing Fernandes has maintained a strong reputation as a designer, artist and functional sculptor known for being consistently innovative.
“Sandra boldly stomps along the precious line between art and function” Paper Magazine NYC.
Her work has been seen in Elle Décor USA, Paper Magazine NYC, and Details Magazine NYC, Japan, US Vogue.

PHABRIK art+design is redefining modern living and the way we create environments. Please join us to see what we can offer you.

1. Easy Customization
Bring the designer in you. A couch or entire living room, customize everything just the way you like it. We produced locally to support our community as much as possible.
2. Hand Picked Materials
We have sourced the finest fabrics, the right materials that are durable, practical and beautiful.
3. Original Products
We have re-imagined home decor and furniture from the drawing board to your living room.
4.Exclusive Designs
Finest designs by local and global designers.

PHABRIK art+design
Sandra Sing Fernandes
Av Da Liberdade #22
Serra d’el Rei Portugal